Why Sometimes Being Sick Is The Healthiest Thing You Can Do For Yourself!!

Yes I know you are scratching your head over that title, wondering what the heck am I talking about.

A case in point happened this weekend and the following days in my office.

Last Saturday afternoon, I noted that I had a sensation of nausea and by the time I got home, I had the “runs.” When I took my temperature, I was 100F –another sign that my body was fighting some sort of infection but not “medically significant” or dangerous. http://www.medicinenet.com/aches_pain_fever/article.htm

So I heated up some chicken broth, added some extra sea salt to it and drank a lot of water in order to help aid whatever my body was trying to get rid of and prevent any dehydration that would have made me sicker. The rest of Saturday as well as Sunday was a cycle of sleep (the body’s best anti-oxidant), waking up to go to the bathroom, liquid intake, work on my neuro-lymphatic pts and acu-points for my intestines, television, bathroom, lymphatic/acu-points,  sleep, liquid, sleep, etc.

But by Sunday night, my temperature was back to normal and the trips to the bathroom were getting more spaced apart. On Monday, I got a friend to stop by and pick up some “sticky rice” at a local Chinese restaurant to help to start to slow up the runs. Tuesday, I was able to go out to a food store for some chicken & noodle soup, some yogurt and a bottle of Pepto-Bismol. By the time evening arrived and only one bowel movement in the mid afternoon & normal temperature I knew that I could go into work the next day.

At work on Weds, one of my newer patients came in complaining of a lung & bronchial infection for which he was taking antibiotics which started after he was treated for diarrhea while on a trip with corticosteroids. In other words, immune suppression of his natural intestinal response led to a lung infection.

As an Applied Kinesiologist I know that the Lung and the Large intestine are Yin /Yang partners in the body’s health.

For people like myself in non-allopathic medicine (chiropractic, acupuncturist, naturopaths, etc) symptoms are not only clues to what disease or problem is affecting the patient but also symptoms can express the body’s attempt to heal itself. Therefore symptoms should not be covered up by treatment. Suppression of symptoms did not heal the body or cure the disease, the illness just moved to another area

In our modern society, we have been trained (mostly) by the pharmaceutical companies to equate symptoms of illness w/ an illness or a disease that needs to be suppressed.

Have heartburn; take an antacid or proton inhibitor..effective in the short  term but can cause if used long term diseases like osteoporosis and dementia due to nutrition deficiencies caused by the heartburn drugs.

Instead how about changing your diet or seeing if the body needs a hiatal hernia fixed or some digestive enzymes.

So the next time, you have vague symptoms like coughing, slight fever, diarrhea, tiredness, etc, please instead of masking these symptoms with drugs, think about what may be causing the symptoms and consult a non-allopathic healer to help your body fight what is causing the symptoms.

 © 2011-Dr. Vittoria Repetto


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