Spinal Pain Not Being Helped? See An Applied Kinesiologist; It May Be A Fixation

At least 5-8 times a year, I’ll get a patient in that tells me that they have seen a chiropractor for their upper neck pain (or another part of their spine) but it never resolved.

I smile and do the usual orthopedic and neurological testing along with muscle testing neck muscles like the cervical erector, the SCM & the Scalene Anticus.

And then I go and test muscles bilaterally such as the Psoas muscle a major muscle of locomotion


or the Gluteus Maximus; both of these muscle being strong postural muscles

And sure enough one of these muscles will test weak bilaterally. I then ask the patient to place two fingers (or therapy localize) on two different segments (vertebrae) bilaterally and then re-test.

If the muscle being tested is strengthened, then I know that the problem is not a subluxation where one or two vertebrae are misaligned and fixed in that position but a fixation where two or three vertebrae are fixed on each other.

For example, a bilaterally weak Psoas can indicate a fixation of the C1 and Occipital  bone or a bilaterally weak Gluteus Max can indicate a fixation of C2 & C3.

Adjusting each vertebrae individually does nothing until you adjust both vertebrae at the same time in order to break up the fixation.

Your local certified Applied Kinesiologist who is either a chiropractor or an osteopath has trained in this technique and can help you greatly.

Copyright-2010- Dr Vittoria Repetto

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