Medical Articles of Interest for July 2019

‘First Evidence’ Links Gut Bacteria, Fibromyalgia

Low LDL Means Higher Hemorrhagic Stroke Risk

CBD as a Superbug Antibiotic?

Antipsychotic Use in Dementia Linked To Increased Mortality

Review of Vaccine Induced Immune Overload and the Resulting Epidemics of Type 1 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, Emphasis on Explaining the Recent Accelerations in the Risk of Prediabetes and other Immune Mediated Diseases

Keto-Like Diet May Improve Cognition in MCI, Early Alzheimer’s

Healthy Lifestyle Offsets Genetic Risk for Dementia

Cut Just 300 Calories a Day to Benefit Heart, Even in the Healthy

Findings Fortify Low Riboflavin, Migraine Link


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