Medical Articles of Interest for January 2019

Mediterranean Edges Out DASH for Best Diet of 2019

Sugary Soda Tied to Higher Risk of Chronic Kidney Disease

Persistent Hot Flashes Increase Breast Cancer Risk in Women

Probiotics Effective for Functional Abdominal Pain in Children

Poor Quality Sleep Tied to Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Fish Oil, Particularly EPA, Linked to Reduced Ischemic Stroke

Fecal-Microbiota Transplant Beats Antibiotics for Recurrent C Diff

Dairy Products May Have Mixed Effects on Mortality

Alzheimer’s Blood Test May Detect Damage Ahead of Symptoms

Physical Activity May Preserve Memory in Seniors 

Gum Disease Strongly Implicated in Alzheimer’s

Intensive BP Lowering Cuts MCI Risk: Results Published

Daily Plate of Fried Chicken Tied to Higher Risk of Premature Death


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