Knee Feels Weak Despite Exercise: Reactive Muscles and How Applied Kinesiology & NeuroKinetic Therapy Can Help

You have been working out regularly but your rt. knee feels weak and tired after walking a few blocks and it feels like your rt. knee is moving inward as you extend it.

You exercise the quadriceps more and stretch the adductor muscle but it does not help.

So what is happening?

A muscle, in this case an adductor muscle, may be shutting off your quadriceps causing your leg to rotate inwards and your quadriceps to feel weak.

In applied kinesiology, we call this a reactive muscle and it can happen in any part of the body.

What is need is to neutralize the over-active adductor muscles.

In applied kinesiology & neurokinetic therapy, we first test  the weak and suspected reactive muscle.  Therapy localization is a diagnostic procedure where the patient touches the suspected reactive muscle and we use muscle testing to see if the once weak muscle now tests strong.

We then correct the over-active muscle spindle in the middle of the muscle or the golgi tendons at the origin & insertion of the muscle.


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