Chiropractic/Applied Kinesiology As Part Of Functional Medicine

First what is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is an approach to the human body that allows you to treat the underlying cause of the problem such as for example heartburn—not just manage the symptoms of it.

Its primary distinction is a focus on overall health—physical, mental, and nutritional. It’s not a single treatment for a single problem (or its symptoms).

As a doctor of chiropractic certified in applied kinesiology, I look for the cause of the problem. For example, in a case of heartburn, I look to see if the spinal segments innervating the stomach, the esophagus and diaphragm are moving freely.

Do the neuro-lymphatic or the neuro-vascular points need stimulation to increase lymphatic or vascular flow?

Is there a cranial fault involved?

Is the patient using their diaphragm correctly to breathe?  Is an imbalance in their psoas muscle affecting their diaphragm?

Is a visceral manipulation needed?

Does the patient need enzymes to help them digest or zinc to heal inflammation in the digestive tract?  Does the patient need probiotics?

Are there acupressure points involved? Is the energy in their stomach meridian being affected by an overflow of liver meridian energy due to the patient’s anger issues?

These and other questions arise when looking for the cause of a problem.

The human body functions as a network of interconnected systems that affect each other. so a functional medicine approach such as a chiropractic/applied kinesiology/nutrition treats the whole body rather than a sub-section or single organ system.

The goal of functional medicine also is the prevention and addressing the underlying clinical imbalances that may lead to any number of chronic problems.


Keeping the spine and the cranium moving freely and the lymphatic, vascular and acu-points unblocked and making sure that the patient has the proper nutrition that they need is part of our prevention/maintenance care.

Part of my continuing education is keeping abreast of nutritional research and chiropractic techniques; please check out our Bibliography page on my web site for a list of my continuing education studies.

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A NYC Chiropractor / Applied Kinesiologist Talks About Chiropractic Basics

Effective. The nervous system controls every part of your body..your muscles, your organs, your hormonal secretions, etc. and because chiropractic helps restore nervous system integrity, chiropractic care can help with help a variety of health issues in addition to pain relief.

Natural. Chiropractic care doesn’t add chemicals to your body and it doesn’t remove parts. Instead, chiropractic care seeks to restore proper control and regulation of your body and allow health to return naturally.

Safe. Chiropractic care is so safe, even newborns can get adjusted for anything from birth trauma to colic.

No side effects: The only side effectstend to be positive ones such as better balance, more energy, increased vitality, improved coordination. and a stronger immune system

Smart choice. It makes sense to correct the underlying cause of a problem rather than fool the body with drugs.

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