Chiropratica NYC / Kinesiologo Applicata Che Parla Italiano

Sono Dottoressa Vittoria Repetto, io specializzato in Chiropractica / Kinesiologo Applicata

Dal 1987 ho aiutato le persone a sentirsi meglio, usando terapie naturali.

Sei alla ricerca di un medico che ti ascolta?

Sei stanco della catena di montaggio dell’assistenza sanitaria?

Sei stanco di dolore e di stress?

Sei motivato a sperimentare per ottenere una salute migliore?

Ciascuna delle mie sessioni di un’ora di benessere e’ unica e composta di terapie olistiche interconnesse.  A causa del mio approccio al benessere dell’intera persona, ho aiutato pazienti con problemi a breve termine e pazienti con problemi a lungo termine.

Io offro:

Manipolazione Spinale

Manipolazione “Extremity”

Manipolazione Mandibola

Manipolazione Cranica Sacrale
Five Element Energy/Agopressione Terapia Cinese
Vascular Therapy e Terapia Linfatica
Bilanciamento Muscolare
Bilanciamento Emotivo
Riduzione dello Stress
Terapia Galvinic
Consulenza Dietetica/Nutrizionale

Manipolazione Spinale

testing rectus femoris

Io ho aiutato pazienti con problemi muscoloscheletrici:  mal di schiena, dolore al collo, sciatica, sindrome del tunnel carpale, problemi della cuffia dei rotatori, dolore al ginocchio, dolori muscolari, Mal di testa, emicrania

Ho aiutato con mal di testa, emicrania, pressione alta, affaticamento, bassa energia, difficolta’ a perdere peso, capogiro, vertigini, scarsa memoria

Io ho aiutato pazienti con problemi digestivi: stipsi, diarrea, eruttazione, gonfiore, difficolta’ con certi cibi, bruciore di stomaco

Io ho aiutato pazienti con problemi respiratori:  iper-sensibilita’ al polline, ambrosia, difficolta’ respiratorie, raffreddori frequenti, problemi del seno

Problemi immunitari come frequenti raffreddori, influenza, infezioni

Ho aiutato pazienti con problemi immunitari:  raffreddori frequenti, influenza, infezioni, crampi menstruali, vampate di calore, cicli irregolari.

© 2013-Dr. Vittoria Repetto

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A NYC Chiropractor/ Applied Kinesiologist Talks About How Your Multi and/or Calcium Supplement May Be Causing Problems

One of the protocols I perform when I have a new patient is I look at the labels of the multiple vitamin and calcium supplements they are taking as their daily routine.

In this blog, I’ll be talking about two minerals that may be critical to your health.

One of the most common problems is the use of Calcium Carbonate in the supplement they are taking. Calcium Carbonate is an antacid which a lot of vitamin companies use because it is cheap.

The problem is that you need acid in your stomach in order to digest your food and absorb vitamins and mineral from both your diet and your supplements. Taking Calcium Carbonate stops that digestive process.

Decreasing (or completely getting rid of) the acid in your stomach means that you can’t digest and absorb not only Calcium but protein, iron, magnesium, Vitamin B12 and zinc.

So basically you are setting yourself up for osteoporosis, fatigue, muscle wasting, iron anemia, memory problems and poor wound healing to mention a few.

And because of the lack of acid, you may feel like you have heartburn and think that you have too acid and take more antacids; further compounding the problem.


The other major mineral in patient’s supplements that I’ll be talking about is iron.

Unless you are a menstruating women w a heavy flow or an extreme athlete or on an extreme starvation diet, iron supplementation may not be necessary.

Iron is present in animal protein and beans, legumes and some leafy green vegetables. And a lot of packaged foods like cereal and dairy and nut milk products have added iron.

Too much iron can accumulate in organs like the brain, the pancreas, gonads, pituitary, liver, the joints and heart and cause problems like toxic liver, arthritis, dementia, etc

Lab tests for excess iron include serum ferritin level and transferrin saturation; regular anemia testing will not show the problem.

A great way to keep your iron levels from getting too high from added iron in your food is to donate blood (and great karma).


There are vitamin companies that make multi-vitamin minerals that do not have added iron; one company that I recommend and use is Metagenics. ( )

I also recommend taking a supplement w either MCHC and Calcium Citrate for your calcium. Please check out another blog Getting Enough Calcium Into Your Bones? Ten Facts You Need to Know!

© 2013-Dr. Vittoria Repetto
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A NYC Chiropractor /Applied Kinesiologist and Her Continuing Education

As many as you may know, Doctors of Chiropractic are required to take continuing education credits; here is a list of mine:

June 2016 – Whole Detox: How to Thrive in a Toxic World through Nutrition & Lifestyle. – Tricia Paulson, ND & Deanna Minich, PhD

October 2015 – Getting Rid of Inflammation w/ Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators (SPMs) – Metagenics Mini-Seminar

September 2015 – Neuro-Kinetic Therapy – Level One – Dr. Kathy Dooley, DC

May 2015 – The Gluten, Leaky Gut, Autoimmune Connection – Dr Steven Noseworthy, DC

March 2015 – Age Related Muscle Loss – Metagenics Mini-Seminar

June 2014 – Fundamentals of Functional Blood Chemistry – Dr. Datis Kharrazian, DC

May 2014 – The Neuroendocrine Immunology Of Environmental Triggers – Dr. Datis Kharrazian, DC

March 2014 – Clinically Effective Advanced Programs for Healthy Detoxification & Weight Loss – Joseph Lamb, MD

Mar 2013 – Integrative Healthcare Symposium:
– The Role of Nutritional Genomics in the Prevention of Colorectal Cancer – Gerard Mullin, MD and Ruth DeBusk, PhD, RD
– Holistic & Integrative Medicine- An Indian Experiment – Isaac Mithai, MD
– Anxiety and Insomnia in Women: The Fearsome Twosome – Tori Hudson, ND
– Nutritional Immunology – Robert Rountree, MD

Oct 2012 – Novel Therapies for Women’s Hormonal Health & Wellness – Joel Evans MD

Jan 2012 – Successful Aging: Lifestyle Medicine Protocols for a Vital Brain, Heart & Metabolism – Deanna Minich PhD, FACN, CNS

Oct 2011 – Clinical Strategies for Restoring Energy & Optimizing Health – Kristi Hughes, ND

Feb 2011 – Clinical Breakthroughs in the Toxicity-Disease Connection – Dr. Jeffrey Bland Ph.D.

Oct 2010 – Advanced Clinical Therapies for Women’s Health – Deanna Minich Ph.D.

Feb. 2010 – Integrative Healthcare Symposium:
– Brain & Mind Health: Integrative Medicine Approaches to Treating Neurological & Neuropsychiatric Disorders
– Women’s Health: Optimal Care from Different Perspectives
– Environmental Health: Environmental Issures in Healthcare
– Brain & Mind Health: Neurogenesis, Neuroplasticity & Your Future Brain
– Nutrition: Beyond Antioxidants: Nutrigenomic Regulation of the Adaptive Stress Response
– Nutrition: Digesting the World: The Link Between Cognition & Nutrition
– Women’s Health: Iodine: A Critical Missing Link for Breast Health & Full Body Wellness
– Environmental Health: Toxic Metals & Mood

Feb. 2010 -Bridging Lifestyle Medicine and Systems Biology in Clinical Practice – Dr. Jeffrey Bland Ph.D

Sept. 2009 – Nutrigenomic Therapies for Autoimmune Disease: Beyond “One Drug, One Target” Treatments – Thomas O’Bryan DC, CCN

Feb. 2009 – Integrative Healthcare Symposium:
– Nutrition: Unifying Concept of Arteriosclerosis – Gerald M. Lemole, M.D.
– Vitamin D in Health and Disease – Michael Holick, M.D.
– Women’s Health-Looking at Care From Various Perspectives – Lise Alschuler, N.D.,Roberta Lee, M.D.,Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.
– Environmental Health Issues and Strategies – Mark Hyman, M.D., Robert Rountree, M.D.,& Walter Crinnion, N.D.
– Integrative Approach to Arthritis, Heart Disease, and Bone – Jeffrey Bland Ph.D.
– Environmental Toxin Assault on Our Mitochondria Leading to Obesity and Diabetes – Walter Crinnion, N. D.
– Whole Foods for Strong Bones – Annemarie Colbin,Ph.D.
– Women’s Health: An Integrative Perspective on Hormone Use, Perimenopause and Osteoporosis – Roberta Lee,M.D., Scott Berliner, R.P.H.
– The Body Mind Effect: An Accidental Psychiatrist’s Discory of How Nutrition & Biology Influence Mind, Behavior, Attention & Memory – Mark Hyman, M.D.
– Breast Cancer: An Evidence-based Review of Naturopathic Supplement and Herbal Strategies – Lise Alschuler, N.D.
– Environmental Health: Environmental Toxins & Autoimmune Disease – Robert Roundtree, M.D.
– Food as Medicine for Digestive Health and Wellness – Kathie Swift, M.S., R.D., L.D.N.
– The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things – Larry Dossey, M.D.

Feb. 2009 – The Future of the Clinic: New Frontiers in Nutritional Medicine – Jeffrey Bland Ph.D.

June 2008 – Environmental Toxins -Robert A. Rakowski, DC, CCN

May 2008 – The Emerging Therapeutic Target: Improving Therapeutic Outcomes by Treating the Intersection of Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and Arthritis – Jeffrey S. Bland, Ph.D

March 2008 – Applied Nutrition and Blood Chemistry – Dr. Lynn Toohey, PhD & Dr. Patrick Garrett, DC

February 2008 – Optimizing Athletic Performance – Robert Rakowski, DC

October 2007 – The Next Revolution in GI Health Restoration- Michael B. Wald, MD, DC

September 2006 – The Neurobiology of Mood & Cognitive Disorders – Jay Lombard, DO

April 2006 – New Strategies for Management of Autoimmune Diseases – Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD

May 2005 – Certified as Applied Kinesiologist by International College of Applied Kinesiology

Sept 2004-May 2005 – Applied Kinesiology in Clinical Practice 100 hours – Dr. Eugene Charles, D.C., DIBAK

April 2005 – Applying Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice to Reshape Your Patient’s Health – Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD

Sept.2004 – Clinical Applications of Functional Endocrinology: Creating Balance Through Nutrition – Dr. Robert Rakowski, D.C.

Nov. 2003 – Natural Solutions for Managing Menopause – Joel M. Evans, M.D. & Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D.

Sept. 2003 – The Auto-Immune& Inflammation Connection – Dr. Wald, D.C.

Mar. 2002 – Breakthrough Approaches for Improving Adrenal & Thyroid Function – Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D.

Jan. 2001 – Nutritional Management of Peri Menopausal/Menopause – Joseph J.Collins, N.D.

Feb.2000 – Nutritional Management of Underlying Cause of Chronic Disease – Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D.

May 1997 – Nutritional Improvement Of Health Outcomes – The Inflammatory Disorders – Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D.

Mar. 1996 – New Perspectives in Nutritional Therapies – Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D.

Feb. 1995 – Applying New Essentials in Nutritional Medicine – Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D.

Feb. 1994 – Advancement in Clinical Nutrition – Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D.

May 1993 – Managing the Patient w/ Chronic Fatigue – Intl’ & Amer. Assoc. of Clinical Nutritionists

Feb. 1992 – Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of the Chronically Ill Patient – Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D.

1991-2001 – BHI/Heel Homeopathy & Homeotoxicology Seminars

1983-1984 – Applied Kinesiology Seminars w/ Dr Avery Ferentz – 80 hrs

Sept. 1977 – Basic Shiatsu

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