Medical Articles of Interest for October 2017

High-Intensity Weight Training Is Safe and Effective in Osteoporosis

Skipping Breakfast Linked to Increased Atherosclerosis

Drinking More Water Reduces Repeat Urinary Tract Infections

‘Small Dose’ Exercise Guards Against Depression

Injuries on Stairs Occur in All Age Groups and Abilities

Vitamin D Supplements Linked to Lower Risk of Asthma Attacks

Regular Walking, Even if Minimal, Tied to Lower Death Risk

Calcium Essential to Limit Osteoporosis but Avoid Excess, Say Europeans

Statin Use Raises Diabetes Risk ‘Even in High-Risk Patients’

Gut Bacteria Profile Remains Stable With Healthy Aging

Long-term PPI Use Tied to Doubled Risk for Gastric Cancer

Saturated Fat Does Not Clog the Arteries   – Coronary Heart Disease Is a Chronic Inflammatory Condition, the Risk of Which Can Be Effectively Reduced From Healthy Lifestyle Interventions


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