Medical Articles of Interest for April & May 2018

Chronic Pelvic Pain Tied to Balance, Posture Problems in Postmenopausal Women

Use It or Lose It to Prevent Alzheimer Disease

Oily Fish and Beans Delay Menopause, Rice and Pasta Hasten It

Midlife Anxiety Tied to Late-Life Dementia

Nut Consumption Linked to Lower AF Risk

Endocrine-Disrupting Agents Found in Black Women’s Hair Products

Dietary Salt–Not Just Hypertension–May Affect Brain

Statins Increase Diabetes Risk by up to 50% in Older Women

Does Parkinson’s Begin in the Gut?

Aggressive BP Lowering Linked to Falls in Older Patients

Resistance Exercise Cuts Depressive Symptoms

High Vitamin D Not Harmful, Whites Most Susceptible to Low Levels

Chiropractic Care Improves Usual Management for Low Back Pain

The Human Respiratory Microbiome: Implications and Impact  

Weekend Sleep-in May Lower Mortality Risk

Diet That Includes Some Animal Fat Helps Build Muscle



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