What a Mixture of Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition Can Do

03/28/2014 – Yesterday’s new patient has over 25 yrs of chronic pain complicated  by gluten sensitivity and a resulting leaky gut that has never healed and numerous falls and auto accidents. The list of her diagnoses included frozen shoulder that turned into an acromioclavicular jt separation, two ruptured lumbar discs, TMJ problems, bladder control weakness and peripheral nerve weakness and pain in her feet, gall bladder pain, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.
All her medical doctors could offer her was surgery and pain management; previous surgeries had not resolved any problems and she didn’t want to be “drugged” up; and she wanted wellness care. She was tried of being sick; her body feeling “kinked-up” 
I worked on getting mobility into her sacrum, her cranials, her lumbar spine; strengthening her psoas – a major muscle for locomotion and posture, adjusting her feet and working on acu-points for her bladder, gall bladder and stomach and balanced her shoulder muscles and adjusted her a-c joint.
I started to tell her things she needed to do at home..like doing Kegel exercises to strengthen muscles around her bladder and not trying to hold urine in ( increases bladder problems) but to go immediately to the bathroom, how to ice her low back and feet, what position to sleep in , what probiotics & prebiotics she needed to repair her leaky gut and decrease the inflammation in her body and positive affirmations to repeat to herself about getting well.
Suddenly she looked at me and said that she was noting that sitting was not causing pain or increasing the “kinked-up” sensation…she felt a lot looser …I asked her to move the shoulder w/ the a-c joint problem…movement was pain-free and testing of her lt big toe was testing strong.
I’m sure that continued treatments and doing the homework I gave her to do will results in amazing changes in her body and her life.
05/10/2014 – Patient came in for her second visit due to financial problems, she can only come in for monthly visits. She has been doing her icing and exercises; though she says that she may have overdone it.
She is sleeping better and has less fatique and less overall body pains.
Her bladder control is much better with only occasional leaks since she has been doing her Kegel exercises and due to better nerve flow after her last adjustment to her sacrum and lower lumar vertebrae.
Her shoulder is moving freely though still with some pain and so her shoulder joint and scapula were adjusted and the spindles of her shoulder muscles were worked on.
Recent blood tests were negative for RA and Thyroid problems which were positive before; her Vitamin D is very low.
Due to financial problems, she has not gotten the supplements I recommended.
Her low back feels better and she was treated again with flexion distraction and pelvic category blocking  for her disc problem and stenosis; her pelvic category has changed to a less severe and painful category.  Her sacrum is moving well. Her big toe movement is better.
Her wrist (carpal tunnel) was adjusted again and wrist exercises were recommended.
Patient was told to continue w/ Kegel exercises for her bladder, and add toe exercises to her routine. And I asked her to get the supplementals I recommened.

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New Patient Testimonial for a NYC Chiropractor/Applied Kinesiologist

The following was posted the early March by a patient of mine, Cheryl S. at a private website and she gave me permission to repost it.

I can vouch for Dr. Repetto! She’s been my chiropractor for about six years, and she just worked magic on an old injury.

I had to have surgery to reconstruct my shattered pelvis after a very serious accident in 2011. My surgeon warned me at the time that I would lose feeling on the front of my thigh because they would have to sever a nerve serving that skin. While I’m profoundly grateful to have regained 100% of my strength and range of motion, I’ve been mourning the loss of sensation in that large area ever since.. Damn!

I just had to have yet another surgery related to that same accident and I’ve had some concerns about post surgery nerve function in a muscle group adjacent to the numb skin on my thigh. I asked Dr. Repetto to check it out, and she also did some work on the numb area. I’m thrilled and astounded to be able to say that after she treated me the other night I seem to have suddenly regained sensation in a large portion of the numb skin area! Honestly, that should have been impossible. I don’t have full sensation yet. It’s kind of tingly, but I have another appointment with Dr. Repetto next week. Crossing fingers. It would be magical to regain that area.

Cheryl S.


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