About Me!

I’m  a Poet and a Doctor of Chiropractic & an Applied Kinesiologist; it’s a good mix both involve the art of listening and observation.

First I’ll write about my job which I love:. I have been a Doctor of Chiropractic & an Applied Kinesiologist since 1987.

I integrate manual muscle testing with standard methods of diagnosis. Through spinal, extremity, skull and jawbone adjustments, acupressure, muscle balancing, stress reduction, lymphatic & vascular organ reflexes and nutrition, we work together to bring you to a higher level of health and help you to actualize your potential.

Many of my patients:

Suffer from a condition where a medical pathology has been ruled out but the other doctors cannot find the cause.

Have a treatable condition and want to utilize non-pharmacological means of getting relief.

Know that health is a question of balancing the structural, chemical and mental components of healing.

Want to spend time with their doctor to develop the old-fashioned doctor-patient relationship based on trust and respect.

Please check out the Patient Testimonials page at my website: Dr. Vittoria Repetto

And now about the poet side of me;

Since its release in Fall 2006 my first poetry book Not Just A Personal Ad has won accolades; in a Lambda Book Report column, poet and reviewer Rigoberto Gonzalez wrote “Poems of intense sensibility and gorgeous imagery are a rarity these days; but this book of verse by a distinctly working class, distinctly lesbian, and distinctly Italian American voice is a must for all readers of good poetry.

I have been hosting the Women’s/Trans’ Poetry Jam at Bluestockings Bookstore on 172 Allen St. in NYC since its opening in 1999.

The Jam is on the last Thursday of the month from 7pm to 9pm and has an open mike for women and trans, to read, sign up before 7 pm .

4 responses to “About Me!

  1. I was told that all coronary artery disease is caused by a subluxation of T10 and I can avoid surgery if this subluxation is corrected. I had an MRI that showed numerous bulging and severely herniated discs. Can this all be corrected via chiropractic?


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