Neck Problems Causing Low Back Pain & Vice Versa – A NYC Chiropractor / Applied Kinesiologist / NKT Practitioner Explains

Patients are usually amazed that neck  and low back problems has anything to do with each other.
But if you look at the spinal muscles, you can see that it is a continuous muscular chain from the base of skull to the sacrum. If one part of this muscular chain is not working properly, then  another part either above or below will have to overwork.
This is particularly true for those who sit a lot. The lower back weakens, and the neck tightens in response; for example, the neck extensors may be overworking for an under working quadratus lumborum.
Included in this muscular chain are the multifidi who are major spinal stabilizers.
Someone w/ a L5/4 herniation (slipped disc) may have overworking lumbar multifidi, causing the cervical multifidi to overwork. This can cause a head forward posture. an increased curve at the mid back, an hyperextended low back  and pain in all these areas and weak core muscles that further complicates the picture.
So as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiologist and NeuroKinetic Therapist, I need to solve what is causing the problem and look at the whole picture and not just chase pain.

© 2017-Dr. Vittoria Repetto

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