Why Is My Neck Problem Causing Low Back or Leg Pain? A NYC Chiropractor / Applied Kinesiologist / NKT Practitioner Explains the Lovett Brother Effect on the Spine.

It is not unusual to have a patient come in my office with neck pain also complaining of low back or leg pain that starts with or soon after the onset of the neck pain. Or vice versa: neck pain or headaches or jaw problems after the onset of low back pain.

A lot of doctors don’t think that there is a relationship. But since they came on around the same time they probably are related. The major thing that could connect them is the meninges; three membranes covering the brain, spinal cord and housing the cerebrospinal fluid. If injured it could affect nerves throughout the spine.


A good illustration of how an injury can affect different levels is to hold the upper part of an elastic band with your hand and then hold the bottom of the band with your other hand. Then twist your upper part of the band; note how the bottom of the elastic band also twists. Now imagine how the meninges surrounding a spinal nerve as it comes off the spinal cord can affect the structures innervated by that spinal nerve.

This explains why if there is a rotation in Cervical 1 there will always be a rotation in Lumbar 5, its ‘Lovett Partner’. With all the listings they can work both ways. For example, a dysfunction at L5 can cause a C1 dysfunction and a C1 dysfunction can cause an L5.

Here’s a helpful illustration: lovatt-brother-relationship

These relationships are looked at by Applied Kinesiologists and NKT Practitioner.

Another possible relationship is one of spinal fixations; please check out this blog for more information: https://drvittoriarepetto.wordpress.com/spinal-pain-not-being-helped-see-an-applied-kinesiologist-it-may-be-a-fixation/

For another article on the neck/low back connection; please check out: Neck Problems Causing Low Back Pain & Vice Versa – A NYC Chiropractor / Applied Kinesiologist / NKT Practitioner Explains

So if you are having unexplained pain in different areas, please consider being examined by someone familiar with the above principles.



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