Looking Globally /Not Chasing Pain: A NYC Chiropractor/Applied Kinesiologist/NeuroKinetic Therapist Explains

When patients come in with a local problem such as leg  pain, the first question is where is the source of the pain; is it from the leg itself or the the low back. The other important question is what “set up” the problem. Without answering this question,the problem is not really resolved; the patient will come back with the problem again; you will be just “chasing pain*.”

The answer to the second but more important question may be in the global muscles or core stabilization muscles, these muscles are the Rectus Abdominus, the Transverus Abdominus, the Internal & External Obliques, the Quadratus Lumborum, the Erector Spinae and the Multifidus.

Recently new patient came in complaining of feeling “unbalanced on her right side” siting specifically her right leg and hip.

The lower extremities were a quick fix: a Rectus Femoris – major muscles in the front of the thigh -compensating for a weak Gluteus Maximus. Also the patella and the rotation of the femur (thigh bone) on the tibia (lower leg bone) needed to be adjusted and the Popliteus ( a muscle that rotates the tibia) released.

But during the examination, on lateral flexion of her truck, I noted that her rt shoulder was rotating. I asked her to try to not rotate her shoulder but she was unable; in fact she was unaware of doing it.

I tested her Oblique muscles and they were weak on the right side. Touching (therapy localizing) her Quadratus Lumborum strengthened her Obliques when retested. So I released the QL and the Oblique were strong.



A Category One pelvis which involves rotation was found and fixed.

Low Back Pain & Non Force Adjustments/SOT Blocking: A NYC Chiropractor/Applied Kinesiologist/NeuroKinetic Therapist Explains

When she stood back up, the rt. leg felt balanced and the rotation of her shoulder on lateral flexion was gone.

It was a great illustration of how sometimes part of the problem you have to look above the area of complaint to truly fix the problem; a local problem with a global part.

Stretches and exercises were given as homework.

In my practice, I Iisten, observe and test during the examination and use a combination of NKT, Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic to help my patients; it’s a strong combination.

How a Combination of Applied Kinesiology, NeuroKinetic Therapy and Chiropractic Works

The Use of Applied Kinesiology in a Chiropractic Examination

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*I thank Dr Perry Nickelston for his phrase “Stop Chasing Pain.”


A NYC Chiropractor/Applied Kinesiologist Talks About Bad Posture & Body Pains

We’re all guilty of it. Bad posture comes with our everyday tasks, when we are not paying attention to how we are sitting, standing, lying down or driving. And our spine and the muscles associated w/ our spine take more of a beating than we realize.

Posture is not just about standing up straight, it’s about keeping your spine aligned with its natural shape and curves and the equal pull on our spines by the spinal and back muscles. Bad posture can throw off your spine’s balance, allowing your body to be more prone to injury. In an average day common incorrect posture positions can change the balance of our spine and the back muscles.

When we slouch, the natural spinal curves are either reversed or exaggerated and this puts more stress on our spine and muscles. For example, if we hang our head and neck down, we increase the strain of the muscles balancing the weight of our head and increase the strain of the muscles holding our rib cage up. Some mucles become too tight and others too loose. Such an imbalance can lead to tension headaches, mid-back pains, neck pains and shoulder pains.poor-posture-tos

Similarly, low back pain can be caused by misalignment of the spine and unbalanced muscle pull on both the front , back and sides of our torsis due to bad posture and habits.

Chiropractor and especially Applied Kinesiologists are trained to spot and test for these muscle imbalances and correct these imbalances so please do seek one out if you are having body pains and in the meantime, make an effort to be conscious of your posture.

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Please check out the Patient Testimonials at the “Our Practice” page at my web site. http://www.drvittoriarepetto.com .
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