The Beginning of My Journey as a Healer

It would seem that I have been heading this way for quite awhile. My journey to become a healer started with a journey of healing myself. I started this journey as a constipated child who had a cold at least once a month and whose ragweed allergy was getting worse every year.

At 18, I was in the Italian Alps; a cousin introduced to a whole grain product called muesli. It was my first un-constipated summer. Back in New York City I was having a hard time finding this product until I found this hole-in the-wall health food store. I had my first taste of carrot juice and left with the muesli, some brown rice and a resolution not to overcook my vegetables.

In the next seven years, my journey included changes in my diet, martial arts and studies of nutrition, herbs and homeopathics. During this time I was seriously thinking about what to do for the rest of my life. People around me were always asking me for back rubs; saying what good hands I had So in 1976, I started studying massage.

Also at this time, I had intensified my martial arts studies and was having muscle strains and spasms that no amount of stretching or massage seemed to help. A fellow student suggested that I go see “old Doc Christie” – a 75 yr old chiropractor whose mind was as clear as her body was strong. I would sit for hours watching her adjust her patients and listening to her talk about subluxations, nerve energy flow, spinal manipulations, extremity manipulations, enemas and liver detox. My ragweed allergy was improving.

My martial arts teacher told me about applied kinesiology; it was a technique that incorporated chiropractic with muscle balancing, organ neurovascular & neuro-lymphatic points, cranial-sacral work, nutritional consultation and acupressure therapy. In order to do this work, you couldn’t do assembly line chiropractic. You had to spend time: do a complete exam and really get to the different factors involved in the patient’s complaint.

In chiropractic college and in my practice, I have polished this idea like a diamond. I have incorporated studies on intestinal wall integrity, IgG food allergies and the interconnections between these and the immune system, the respiratory system, low back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and degenerative disc problems.

And by the way my ragweed allergy is long gone.

The above appeared in Free Spirit magazine; Feb-March 1998

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