Medical Articles of Interest For September 2016

 The following are from a site summarizing medical research:

Can a Good Diet Prevent Dementia?

Mediterranean Diet Lowers CVD Risk in Prospective Study

Fungus May Be ‘Key Factor’ in Crohn’s Disease

Chronic Constipation a Warning Sign for GI Disorders

Farm Living Study Confirms the Hygiene Hypothesis

See the following for discussion of the Hygiene Hypothesis – The Hygiene Hypothesis — Redefine, Rename, or Just Clean It Up?

New FDA Watch List Covers 27 Drugs and Drug Classes

Herbal and Dietary Supplements Tied to Liver Damage

This article is one of the reasons why you should use supplements from one of the first companies in the nutritional supplement industry to achieve three independent certifications for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by world-leading arbiters. In many areas, Metagenics exceeds these requirements with additional in-house testing and third-party assays by respected independent laboratories.

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