Question for everyone:

I’ve been thinking about how ancestral place of origin has an effect on how our body (& specifically our digestive systems) processes different foods. For example over the years, I have learned that my body digests sheep cheese (goat’s milk/cheeses) better than it does cow milk products…can’t stand the taste of cow’s milk and if I eat too much cow’s cheses, I get a mucous-like feeling in my mouth.

This does not happen if I eat sheep or goat cheeses and I can stand to drink goat’s milk

After returning to my paternal ancestral place of origin and hearing the sheep bleating in the hills, I wonder if my digestive system has formed w/ the foods of this town and area.

So my question to you is: If you have visited yr place of ancestral origin, have you noticed that your system is more in “tone” w/ food ( and recipes)  from that area.

Please note: My question is in the framework of the last 500 yrs ( not in the sense of Dr. Adamo’s blood types) ….where did your people come from(what countries) …what foods did they eat there…how did it change when they came to this country (USA & Canada) when you visited your ancestral land, how was the food different (products and preparation). etc.

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