10/28 Seminar: Solutions for Women’s Wellness: A Functional Approach

On October 28th, I’ll be attending the following seminar to order to serve my patients better and help improve their wellness.

From childbearing years to postmenopause, women are actively seeking to maintain or improve their health and vitality. I’ll be joining Joel Evans, MD and Monique Class, MS, APRN, BC as they explore in detail a functional medicine (FM) approach to women’s health issues specifically related to the different stages in life. Oftentimes, hormonal imbalance and lifestyle behaviors are the underlying causes of complaints and illness in women. When evaluated and addressed at the root cause of disease, the most common issues facing women today can be successfully managed.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discuss the evaluation and lifestyle treatment options for female infertility, preparing for a healthy pregnancy, PCOS, elevated estrogen, fibroids, endometriosis, and oxidative stress.
  • Understand the hormonal changes associated with perimenopause and how to evaluate the management options for perimenopausal and menopausal complaints including PMS, depressed energy, adrenal and thyroid issues, VMS, vaginal health, and early osteoarthritis.
  • Understand how to evaluate patients for appropriate testing for genetic risk for breast cancer as well as FM approaches to decrease breast cancer incidence in those with high genetic risk due to BRCA or other SNPs.
Atendees will receive:
  • Clinical protocols and pearls based on case studies
  • An information-packed day guaranteed to expand clinical knowledge


Joel Evans, MD

Joel Evans is the founder and director of The Center for Women’s Health, an assistant clinical professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women’s Health at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and a member of the core faculty of both The Center for Mind/Body Medicine and The Institute for Functional Medicine. He is a nationally recognized wellness expert, educator, author, and physician specializing in nutrition, functional medicine, mind/body medicine, and spirituality. Having pursued studies in spirituality, metaphysics, and personal transformation for many years, Dr. Evans has recently created a core curriculum designed to share ancient spiritual wisdom with others in order to help bring health and happiness into their lives.

Monique Class, MS, APRN, BC

Monique Class is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Holistic Health, Certified Nurse Coach, and wellness educator at The Center for Women’s Health. A sought-after teacher in the fields of holistic health and nursing, Monique is a clinical instructor for Yale Graduate School of Nursing, a senior faculty member of the Center for Mind/Body Medicine in Washington D.C., a faculty member for The Integrative Nurse Coach Association, and a faculty member for the Institute for Functional Medicine. Monique is also certified by the Psychosynthesis Institute in Imagery and Meditation. She received her degree as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and her post-master’s as a Family Nurse Practitioner at the College of New Rochelle and her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from The University of Virginia.

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