Comment: Artificial Sweeteners: 3 Reasons To Rethink That Diet Coke

Click here: Hemi Weingarten: Artificial Sweeteners: 3 Reasons To Rethink That Diet Coke

Thirty years ago I grabbed my friend’s coffee container by mistake; the wave of a sickly chemical sweet taste filled my mouth and I said, “how many packets of sweetener do you use”. “One,” she said and added “it’s not too sweet.”

Over the years and talking to patients, friends and friends of friends, I too have noted the

“infantilizing” effect that Hemi Weingarten talks about in this article. Advise someone who drinks diet soda to eat fruit as a snack instead of cake or change their sugar laden processed cereal for an organic whole grain cereal and you will hear “but it not sweet enough!” These people have trained their taste buds and their brains to want more and more sweets resulting in less insulin sensitivity

In fact, check out the new ads for Stevia on the television, and you will see a visual of pouring it on a bowl of berries. “What.” my un-infantilizing brain shouts”, berries are sweet already.”

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