Did Shingles Pain Cause a Shift in Body Position and Structural Pain?: A NYC Chiropractor/Applied Kinesiologist/NeuroKinetic Therapist Explains

A young patient who I hadn’t seen in a while came in complaining of rt “scalene” pain (her words for neck pain) and rt upper back pain by the shoulder blade. She thinks it may be a rib out. Visualization showed a slight “tipping” (not a winging) of the shoulder blade.

Then she mentions that she had a mild case of shingles on her rt hip and the shingles predated the neck & mid back pain .

First I found that her SCM was overworking for a weak mid scalene. The SCM was released and the clavicle was adjusted and the pect minor was released in combination with the SCM.

Second I tested her rhomboids and serratus anterior; the scapula tipping was the clue. The serratus ant was overworking for a weak rhomboid.

Third a rt gluteus maximus was overworking for a weak rt. psoas and a weak rt. gluteus medius.

A pelvic category 1 was corrected as well as rt thoracic and cervical subluxations were adjusted.

There is a theory of Anatomy Trains on how patterns of muscle,  fascia and muscle strain communicate through the myofascial ‘webbing’, contributing to postural compensation and movement stability.

An example of this is when you are reaching for something on a table, you don’t just use your hand, arm and shoulder but your whole body from your head muscles down to your foot muscle reacts to stabilize your position in space as you reach.

A major insight may be that the lateral rt. side of her body may have reacted to the pain of the shingles by moving inwards in order not to stretch the lesion area rather than moving away from it which in turn affected her structure via muscle pull and strain.

  For more information:

How a Combination of Applied Kinesiology, NeuroKinetic Therapy and Chiropractic Works

© 2017-Dr. Vittoria Repetto

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