Scars & Muscle Control – A NYC Chiropractor/Applied Kinesiologist/NeuroKinetic Therapist Explains

A while ago I had two patients where scars left from operations affected muscle function.

The first patient came in complaining of acute low back pain that happened on lifting a box that was too heavy for her; one of the muscles I tested is the Rectus Abdominal, it was weak in the clear. The Rectus Abdominal (RA) is part of the support for the Lumbar (low back);she had mentioned that she had had a tummy tuck years ago.
When she touched the scar (therapy localize) which was above her pubes (RA tries into the pubes) her RA tested strong so I massaged the scar and the RA now tested strong.

I find that the T10-T11 vertabrae which are part of the innervation of the RA were subluxated and adjusted them. I also adjusted subluxations in the low back.

The Subluxation/Spinal Joint Dysfunction

I showed her which abdominal exercise I wanted her to do after a daily massage of the scar.

The second patient come in w/ thoracic weakness; she have a history of different cancers.
When I tested her Pectoralis  muscles, both parts (Clavicular & Sternal) tested weak. She said that she was not surprised as a “good part of the muscle was removed” where they removed her breast. I therapy localized the scar from the breast removal and retested as I touched the scar…both parts of the muscle now tested strong.
I massaged the scar… and the muscle tested strong.  I found subluxations at C5 for innervation of the clavicular section and C7 for the sternal section and adjusted them both.
Patient’s homework was to massage that scar before doing exercises for the pectorlis.

Please click on below research articles on relation of scars to muscle pain and function.


Surface electromyography of abdominal and back muscles in patients with active scars.


Skin, fascias, and scars: symptoms and systemic connections

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This year, I had another patient, an Iraq veteran, who had scars and facial deformity from a gunshot that entered his neck and traveled to the roof of his mouth and the operations to save him.

I used a combination of scar work, cranial sacral and tmj therapy; slowly his face started to change.  His face became more symmetrical and the scars softened. His wife first started seeing the changes after 3 visits and after a few months, his inlaws and fellow veterans saw the difference.

TMJ Problems (Jaw Problems) and How A Chiropractor/Applied Kinesiologist/NeuroKineticTherapy Practitioner Handles the Problem

Cranial Sacral Therapy in Applied Kinesiology


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