Medical Articles of Interest for November 2016

Vitamin D Levels Tied to Breast Cancer Survival

Allergenic Foods Should Be Introduced to Infants Early

Direct-Acting Antivirals for Hep C Might Worsen Liver Cancer

Gluten-Free Diet Does Not Repair Intestinal Damage in Some Children With Celiac Disease

Dementia Prevalence Shows Steep Decline in National Study                                     Education seems to be the key. My comment – Vitamin/Turmeric usage higher in that group?

Can a Prenatal Supplement Prevent Mental Illness?                                                      My comment: Choline – high in egg yolks; also important in dementia prevention.

Subclinical Peroneal Neuropathy Linked to History of Falls Among Inpatients

Experts: Wheat Sensitivity Is Real

Popular Heartburn Medication Linked to Increased Stroke

Scientists Say Gut Microbes May Play Role in Yo-Yo Dieting, Obesity

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