Medical Articles of Interest for October 2016

SSRIs Disrupt Sleep in the Elderly, May Contribute to Dementia

Phytoestrogens May Benefit Health but Also Prompt Concern

Unclear If Sports Raise Later Arthritis Risk 

Sleep Duration Important in Weight Management

Micronutrient Deficiency Often Unnoticed in PPI Users

” PPIs have been associated with Clostridium difficile infection and with micronutrient deficiency. “Our hypothesis was that even though gastroenterologists know about micronutrient deficiency, they aren’t looking for it,” he explained. The researchers reviewed the electronic health records of 41 patients with Barrett’s esophagus who were on long-term PPI therapy to see if their levels of vitamin B₁₂, ferritin, or magnesium were ever tested”

Aerobic Exercise May Provide ‘Small’ Improvement in Vascular Cognitive Impairment

IBS: Gut Bacteria May Predict Who Benefits From FODMAP Diet

“Patients who did not respond to the low-FODMAP diet had more severe dysbiosis at baseline than responders. The traditional diet had no effect on overall bacterial composition, but in the FODMAP group, there was a significant reduction in potentially beneficial Bifidobacterium. This was more prominent in nonresponders than in responders.”

New Guideline Says Calcium Safe From CVD Standpoint

(Dr. Repetto’s comment – One should take calcium with magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K. One should aim to get 1200 mg/day and half of that from food.)



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