Medical Articles of Interest For July 2016

 The following are from a site summarizing medical research:

Association of Vitamin D Level With Clinical Status in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Mediterranean Diet Cuts Risk for CV Events, Cancer, Diabetes

Exercise as Effective as Surgery for Meniscal Tears

Avoiding Meds That Worsen, Cause HF: AHA Presents Action Plan

Getting providers and patients with heart failure (HF) to consider a medication’s sodium load is just one of the steps highlighted in the American Heart Association’s (AHA) first-ever scientific statement on medications that may worsen or cause HF. The 35-page document features a comprehensive list of medications that can promote HF through direct myocardial toxicity, increases in blood pressure, high sodium loads, or drug–drug interactions.

Cardiac MRI Shows Post-MI Remodeling Gains From High-Dose Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The trial randomized 358 patients who had had a recent heart attack to receive placebo or 4 mg/day of Lovaza plus standard care for 6 months. Patients who received the study drug had a lower adverse left ventricular end systolic volume index (LVESVI; an indication of the heart’s pumping ability), less myocardial scarring (fibrosis) in the undamaged areas of the heart, and better levels of some serum biomarkers.

The following are from

Bridges Between Whole-Body Dysfunctions and the Feet: A Close Examination

Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Entrapments

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