Medical Articles of Interest for June 2016

The following are from a site summarizing medical research:

Click here: Hypovitaminosis D in Elderly Women and Mortality

Click here: Nutritional Strategies for Skeletal and Cardiovascular Health – Mg, Vitamin K, right amt of  protein, Potassium/Sodium, and right type of Calcium supplement and Ca from cheese, fermented dairy , leafy green veggies, almonds rather than drinking cow’s milk.
 The sugar in milk, lactose, is broken down in the gastrointestinal tract to d-galactose and d-glucose. d-Galactose has been found to increase inflammation and oxidation in adult humans, and in adult animals this sugar triggers accelerated ageing, neurodegeneration, and a shortened life span.Thus, cow’s milk, though rich in many nutrients, including calcium, has issues that render it less than ideal as a dietary staple for many adults. On the contrary, fermented dairy foods, such as yogurt and cheese, appear to be safer than milk, possibly because the most or all of d-galactose has been metabolized by bacteria.
Are you aware of these 10 important drug-drug interactions?
And from Integrative Practitioner:
Inflammation and Brain Health

Research has shown links between our modern high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet, and increasing rates of certain diseases, particularly those relating to neurological dysfunction and overall brain health. As neurodegenerative disorders rise, so too has sugar consumption in the Western world. Yet, new research has shown that healthy, fat-rich diets have a myriad of benefits to the brain on the macro-scale in brain function, and benefits on the micro-scale in terms of inflammation. Recent studies have documented blood sugar’s effect on a wide collection of troubles from the size of the hippocampus, to diabetes, stroke and dementia risk.

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