What Do The Codes on The Stickers on Fruits & Some Veggies Mean?

You know those annoying stickers on fruits and some vegetables?

Well those stickers have more of a function than for the cashier to scan for the price of the item. The price lookup number of PLU code will also tell you whatever the fruit was genetically modified, organically grown or conventionally grown with use of pesticides and other chemicals.

Here what you should know:

Conventionally grown w/ use of pesticides & other chemicals will be four numbers that start with the number 4

Organically grown fruit will  be five numbers that start  w/ the  number 9

Genetically modified fruit will be five numbers that start w/ the number 8


And by the way, here’s a link to the Environmental Working Group  with a list of the fruits and veggies w/ the least pesticides to the ones w/ the most pesticides that you may want to definitely buy organic http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/summary/

© 2012-Dr. Vittoria Repetto

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