Thoughts of a NYC Chiropractor on Potassium Iodide vs Radiation Poisoning & Iodine in General

Here’s a great article : How to protect yourself from radiation by Hyla Cass M.D.
Now much radiation the west coast and the east coast will get depends on what reactor explores, how much fail out there is and how the  weather (wind, rain) will carry this radiation around the globe.  But I thought that I should point some things out about KI and iodine in general.

One needs to know that large amts. of (mgs) potassium iodide (most vitamin companies use 75 mcg – 150 mcg of KI for their iodine source) may be hurtful to people w/ skin disorders like dermatitis herpetiformis or urticaria vasculitis or people taking synthyroid (or like medications) or have an auto-immune thyroid problem or pregrant women and infants;  these people should consult their doctor before starting .

Side effects of taking KI are nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, or stomach pain; mild skin rash; or
a metallic taste in the mouth.

In my opinion the American diet is low on iodine and I fear that it will become more so as we limit our intake of salt ( iodized salt). Did you know that Pasteurization destroys approximately 20% of the Iodine content of pasteurized foods.  Did you know that potassium iodate, a dough conditioner which added 150 mcg of iodide per slice, .was replaced in the 1970’s w/ bromine (iodine antagonist and goitrogenic substance)

Did you know that the Japanese population consumes 13.8mg of iodine/day and has very low cases of breast cancer, thyroid problems and low cases of every type of cancer except stomach cancer.

So I do advise people to take in more iodine in their diets -sea veggies such as Kelp, Dulse, Kombu, Arame, Wakame, Hijike, Norimiso and seafood are great sources of iodine as well as egg yolks (Attention all you egg white fans).

And for more help vs radiation, know that Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, can help protect body tissues. And also reishi and cordyceps mushrooms  and antioxidantscan help the body defend itself from radiation damage.

For my thoughts on iodized sea salt vs iodized table salt, please read:

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2 responses to “Thoughts of a NYC Chiropractor on Potassium Iodide vs Radiation Poisoning & Iodine in General

  1. Some of my friends are cancer advocates in JAPAN. They asked what we think about cancer patients currently receiving chemotherapy taking potassium iodide? Any thoughts? What about undergoing radiation as therapy?.


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