Looking for a doctor who will spend time w/ you ?

Or why this NYC chiropractor is not a slave to an insurance company

You hear it all the time: patients complaining about their doctors’ practices: waiting a half hour or more past their scheduled appointment, and where you do see the doctor, you are lucky if you get 10 minutes and get all your concerns voiced, the lack of communication for follow-up via phone or e-mail with the doctor, having to deal w/ leaving messages w/ the answering service.

Part of the problem is that a good number of doctors belong to an insurance network or HMO and due to the fact that they are paid very little per patient and they still have to hire specialized staff just to handle the paperwork in order to get that small payment, they need to squeeze in as many patients as they can.

Personally I’m not affiliated with any insurance network or as I like to say: I’m not a slave to an insurance company.

You see, I like to find out what is happening with my patient.

I like to be able to take time to, for example, balance the muscle pull on their spine or extremities or to do cranial sacral work or acupressure work or talk to them about their nutritional needs or suggest exercises or lifestyle changes related to their condition.

Another issue is availability to my patients after the visit. Patients frequently have questions and they can reach me either via my cell phone or e-mail.

Because of this personal approach, I charge my patients directly and they pay me upfront.

And then I fill out their insurance claim form and they will get reimbursed by their insurance company if they are allowed to go “out of network” by their policy.

The fact that I do not have to hire additional staff to “run after” my payments allows me to spend quality time with my patients.

Also it allows me to keep my fees reasonable and moderate by New York City standards, I charge $150 for the initial visit which includes consultation, examination and treatment and the $100 for the following visits.

So if you want an old fashion  doctor- patient relationship where the doctor knows who you are and you can trust your doctor, please give me a call at 212-431-3724 and let’s talk.

 © 2011-Dr. Vittoria Repetto


Want more information on Dr. Vittoria Repetto and her NYC Applied Kinesiology/Chiropractic practice; please go to www.drvittoriarepetto.com.
And please check out the Patient Testimonials at my web site.

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