What is the Triad of Health in Applied Kinesiology

Triad of Health

The Triad of Health with structure at the base is the foundation of AK. A human form represents structure and postural balance. A circle of icons represents important treatment avenues used in AK.

N The functional evaluation of the nervous system is what the MMT (manual muscle testing)  offers, and is the most important area of investigation in AK and chiropractic examination.

NL The NeuroLymphatic reflexes and the lymph system is an important part of AK examination and treatment.

NV The NeuroVascular reflexes and the blood vascular system is also evaluated and treated in AK.

CSF The cranial-sacral system is an important component in nervous system function, and AK has advanced the diagnosis of cranial dysfunctions dramatically.

AMC The acupuncture meridian system is also involved in AK examination, and AK has made some of the first advancements to this ancient system of healing in the Western world.

A great deal of new information has been learned about the body’s function by evaluating how nerves and muscles react to physical, chemical, and mental stimuli. AK examination will use your own body as the laboratory of investigation, taking into consideration a wide range of influences and functional disturbances that are producing the health problems that you are want corrected. As your treatment progresses, you will observe muscles that once functioned poorly are now strong and that your body is functioning as well or better than normal.

 From: http://www.appliedkinesiology.com.au/

 For information on Cranial Sacral therapy, please read https://drvittoriarepetto.wordpress.com/2010/05/17/cranial-sacral-therapy-in-applied-kinesiology/

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