The Case for Caring About Primary Care

As a doctor of chiropractic who spends an hour w/ my patients, I’m appalled that the orthopedist did not seem to take the time to palpate the patient’s neck.

Fixed hard swollen lymph nodes are a classical sign of cancer taught not only in medical schools but also in chiropractic schools.

I also appalled that the physical therapists did not communicate w/ the orthopedist that the patient was not improving; that should have been a wake-up call that something was missing in the initial examination and more testing was needed.
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8 responses to “The Case for Caring About Primary Care

  1. I have heard so many similar cases.

    All of my current medical doctors are all very diligent, but both of my parents were misdiagnosed for years. Both died of cancer, which may have been inevitable, but the pain they suffered, they died much earlier than they would have, and the quality of their last years and months was very poorly managed by their doctors.

    Thank you for educating us.

    Sincerely Tricia Mullen


  2. Yeah, but you have DCs who don’t even do an interview/exam, pretend they really go to find the cause of the pb, and all come out with the “S” word and pop the spine!

    I like our approach to health, but this kind of behavior is of a technician, NOT a doctor!
    I think it’s an individual problem, not a collective one…


    • True, there are chiropractors who don’t do a proper interview & examination.
      I’ve encountered patients who have been to one of these chiropractors in maybe another city or section of town; they head for the adjustment room instead of my office after they finish the intake form and after the interview, they lay down immediately on my adjustment table. “please get up” I say’ “we need to do an examination first.”
      I believe in a proper interview & examination; I believe that it is one of my duties as a doctor of chiropractic


  3. I am one of Dr. Vittoria Repetto’s patients. She is a doctor. She is extremely thorough. She has helped cure me literally from head to toe – inside and outside. When people see me now after a few years has passed, they are shocked at how healthy I now am because I was very sick for a long time.

    She cannot be compared to Chiropractors.

    I always recommend her to friends. They usually become regular patients because she helps her patients with all of their medical conditions, not just their spines.

    Sincerely, Tricia


  4. You point to a serious problem. Our medical doctors (MDs) are taught to be so specialized that if your left ankle had a problem and they are right ankle specialists, they cannot help you. Well, I exaggerate but this is an issue.

    A cardiologist (for example) has so much to remember about the heart that she or he has forgotten about the back, neck, arm, other organs, etc. It’s a crazy system and the cause of many problems for their patients.

    I speak as a patient advocate for those with cancer.
    Ann F.


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